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IGGHR registered Georgian Grande Horses will be included in the HI POINT HORSE OF THE SHOW BREED AWARDS for the following recognized USDF/USEF Dressage shows in 2019. The Hi Point Georgian Grande of each of these shows will receive a lovely Rosette that says IGGHR HI POINT HORSE.

We would like to once again recognize the Georgian Grandes that participate in our recognized dressage shows. In 2015 the competitors who received the ribbons were very thrilled and requested that we offer them again, so we will be! The IGGHR ribbons are stunning!!! People always commented on them when they saw them on display.

THE 2019 SHOWS ARE (Georgian Grande horses competing in these shows will be eligible for IGGHR HI POINT AWARD):

Our shows in the Kansas City area will offer IGGHR high point ribbons for our USEF/USDF recognized shows in 2019. Competitors tell us that they really appreciate winning these handsome awards.

Here is a list of the 2019 shows:

May 4/5: Kansas City Dressage Society Dressage at Longview I & II, Kansas City, MO Level 3 show, Intro-GP

June 22/23: Dressage at RIO I & II, RIO Equestrian Centre, Oak Grove, MO Level 2 show, Intro-GP

July 20/21: KCDS Summer Dressage I & II, Kansas City, MO Level 3 show, Intro-GP

Oct 12/13: Fall Dressage at RIO, RIO Equestrian Centre, Oak Grove, MO Level 2 show, Into-GP

contact: Nina Fricke, Show Manager

Oklahoma Dressage Society/Green Country Chapter Recognized Show - Breed Award

The Oklahoma Dressage Society (ODS) and the Green Country Chapter (GCC) of ODS. ODS presents the Spring I and II show May 4th and 5th at the Tulsa Expo Center ( and ODS/GCC presents the Green Country Classic I and II June 15th and 16th at the Claremore Expo ( Both of these shows are USEF Level 3 Shows.

Both shows are two individual shows and both shows include special Breed Awards with the Saturday show. Both shows will be awarding the IGGHR Hi Point Horse Rosette.

Although the prize lists are not yet available, you can access some information for the shows at Or contact me, Cathy Orban (email)

or (phone numbers) Office: 918-573-1535 | Cell: 918-630-5067 | Fax: 918-573-2935



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